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About us

The Department of Data Processing Automation (original name – The Department of Engineering Cybernetics) was founded in September 1964 at the Faculty of Radio Control in the recently opened Tomsk Institute of Radioelectronics and Electronic Engineering. The initiator and first head of the department was Boris Semyonovich Ryabyshkin.

The Department was the first and the only in the Institute to provide the course on programming for all the specialties of the Institute. The department was involved in the scientific research on the development and implementation of data retrieval devices (IRS"Quan-tor") for industrial Centres of Science and Technology Information. In 1970 the first group of specialists graduated from the Institute. Some of the graduates introduced IRS"Quan-tor" in their companies.

The heads of the Department from 1973 up to now:

  • Rimma Borisovna Feoktistova (1973–1975 );
  • Yuri Michailovich Polischuk (1975–1984 );
  • Anatoly Ivanovich Ruban (1984–1988 );
  • Yuri Polikarpovich Ehlakhov (с 1988 up to now).

Nowadays the students are trained on the following directions:

  • «State and Municipal Management » — bachelor, master programs;
  • «Computing for business » — bachelor, master programs;
  • «Software engineering» – bachelor program.

Students of different specialties- programmers, managers and IT-business professionals study together in a shared educational environment. The idea underlying the methodology of collective study is Group Project Education (GPO). This approach is based upon team work on one common project, uniting specialists in different directions. A good example of such activity is the project "Geoinformation technology for record-keeping in the passport of social and economic development for municipal objects".

Students life is interesting and varied. There are a lot of traditions, such as:

  • Initiation party for freshmen. First year students show their talents, take an oath of fidelity and sing the Anthem of the Department for the first time.
  • The last lecture for graduates. Teachers and professors sit at the desks and the students deliver a lecture and try to show some special thrill of each lecturer who taught them during their training course.
  • The Median. The middle of the training course. The most difficult is behind, the most interesting is ahead.

The Department is staffed with high-qualified teachers and professors including 6 professors and 16 Candidates of Science. A number of teachers successfully combine teaching with practical work. V.E. Kirienko is the Head of Committee for Informatization in Tomsk Administration; Z.P.Lepikhina is a deputy director of "Technopark" in exhibition and fair activity; T.V. Adueva is the head of 1C accountancy department in "Tomsk agency of legal information "Garant"; A.A.Efimov is a company lawyer in "Tomsksoft"Ltd, L.P. Turuntaev is a Director of Siberian regional employment center for University graduates, D.A. Soloviev is director of "Nikolas Group" ltd (web-design studio).

The department is involved in the following scientific research:

  • Computing intelligence – The head of the research team Doctor of Science I.A. Khodashinsky;
  • System analysis and management - The heads of the research team Doctors of Science M.P.Silich, Yu.P. Ekhlakov.;
  • Geoinformation systems and technologies – The head of the research group Doctor of Science Yu.P.Ekhlakov.

Among the greatest projects of the recent years there are:

  • Geoinformation technologies for plant infrastructure monitoring and optimization. Implemented in Novokuznetsk metallurgical works, West Siberian metallurgical works, "Tomskneftechim"ltd (oil company) and "Seversky vodokanal"(water supply company).
  • Internet-project: portal «Electronic Administration of Tomsk region», personal site of Tomsk governor, official site for Department of Healthcare, Culture, multipurpose Center for municipal service;
  • Target programs to improve energy efficiency, to reform supply system for people and energy security in Tomsk region;
  • Fuzzy data based simulating of engineering systems, research and development of fuzzy models identification technologies using meta heuristics and derivative based techniques;
  • Geoinformation technologies for monitoring and evaluation of social and economic development for municipalities of Tomsk region;
  • Organization, economy and legal bases for application software business promotion.
  • Technology of integral estimate, analysis and monitoring of social and economic development for municipalities.

A lot of the stuff workers were awarded with different awards by Tomsk Regional and Town Administration. Thus, Yu.P. Ekhlakov is twice laureate of Tomsk Region in Science and Education, V.V. Vlaskin, N.V. Zamiatin, yu.P. Ekhlakov are awarded with the jubilee medal "Tomsk 400 anniversary", P.V. Senchenko, M.T. Reshentikov are laureates of Tomsk Region in Science and Education, I.A. Khodashinsky is awarded with the Honorary Diploma of Tomsk Region, Yu.B. Gritsenko, O.I. Zhukovsky are winners of the contest "Siberian Athens" in the nomination "New scientific developments and technologies".

The department is especially proud of its graduates, high qualified programmers and managers. Eugeny Libreht is a vice mayor of Kedrvy, a town in the North of Tomsk region, Viacheslav Beliakov is a director of Special Regional Institution "Tomsk Clearing Agency", Alexandr Olenev is a vice director of internet company "Simex-T", Valery Tsybulnikova is a director of Tomsk branch of Forex Club, Tatiana Rudenko is a consultant in the control auditing committee for Toms region Department of Finance, Sergey Penkin is General director of "9bit" Ltd, Denis Soloviev is director of "Nikolas Group" ltd (web design studio) etc.

One of the peculiarities of the Department is a succession of generations. About one third of the stuff are graduates of the Department. Among the students there are children and grandchildren of our graduates. This is really the best approval for high standard of education.