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Scientific directions

Scientific direction:


Head of the Group:  Prof. Ilya Khodashinsky.

Academic Staff: Dr. Anna Lavygina.

PhD Students: Pavel Dudin, Oleg Plotnikov, Dmitriy Sinkov, Aleksey Ushakov, Alexander Achaev.

The research in our group focuses mainly on:

  • Fuzzy Systems (Fuzzy Classifiers, Fuzzy Approximators, Pareto-Optimal Fuzzy Systems);
  • Evolutionary Computing (Genetic Algorithms, Differential Evolution, Evolutionary Strategy);
  • Swarm Intelligence (Particle Swarm Optimization, Ant Algorithms, Bee Algorithms, Bacterial Foraging Optimization);
  • Pattern Recognition (Hybrid Systems for Structured Data, Chemical and Medical Applications);
  • Simulation of Interaction and Multiagent Systems (Motion Planning, Control Strategy, Mobile Robots, Robot soccer);
  • Parallel and Distributed Metaheuristics.